Loan Originations

Chelsea Mixed Use

Manhattan, NY

Along with a partner, we originated a $3.75 million 1st mortgage loan secured by a mixed use property consisting of 15 apartment units totaling 11,450 square feet and 3,200 square feet of retail space located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, NY. The loan served as take-out and bridge financing during a transitional stage for the property where rent controlled apartments were converted to market rent apartments, and long-standing retail leases turned over.


Baltimore, MD

We originated a $3.5 million acquisition bridge loan secured by a 190,000 square foot office building built in 1891 and located in Baltimore, Maryland. The loan enabled the borrower to purchase a defaulted loan at a discount.


Austin and Dallas, TX

We originated an $11.59 million 1st mortgage loan secured by two apartment complexes in Austin and Dallas, Texas containing a total of 276 units and 242,326 square feet. The portion of the loan allocated to the Dallas asset refinanced an existing 1st mortgage and provided excess proceeds which, when combined with the portion of the loan allocated to the Austin asset, facilitated a discounted payoff of the existing debt on the Austin asset which was very advantageous to the borrower.


Webberville, MI

We originated a 1st mortgage loan secured by a 76,000 square foot industrial building in Webberville, MI. The Borrower was in the process of evicting the tenant, who was the former owner, and re-leasing the space.

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